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This equation is applied to investigate the exotic narrow state X(3872) assumed as a molecule state 研究所 理论物理所2012年知识产出 期刊论文.
Study of the X(3872) and Y(4260) in B0--Jpsi pi+ pi- K0 and B--Jpsi pi+ pi- K- decays--文档资料共享网论文下载,说明书下载,Word文档下载,PPT文档.
THE QUINTESSENTIAL EXOTIC X(3872) Kamal K. Seth Northwestern University, Evanston IL 60208, USA (kseth@northwestern.edu) International School of Nuclear Physics.
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毕业论文 网收集整理的 [3872字,免费论文] 主业,发挥产能,有效经营 的工作方针和完成年度销售收入x亿元,利润总额.
Measurement of the X(3872) production cross section via decays to J/ψπ(+)π(−)in pp collisions at s√=7 TeV. View/ Open. Baringer_4-29-2013.pdf (855.5Kb) Issue.
近年来粲物理的实验研究取得了很大进展,一批粲夸克偶素类强子相继被发现[1],其中x(3872) 中国博士学位论文.
Interpretation of the X (3872) as a charmonium state plus an extra component due to the coupling to the meson-meson continuum J. Ferretti, G. Galatà, and E. Santopinto.
论文编号: 论文题目: Lattice study on eta(c2) and X(3872) 英文论文题目: Lattice study on eta(c2) and X(3872) 第一作者: Yang, Yi-Bo; Chen, Ying;.
利用3 p0衰变模型对x(3872)的 *0d0衰变宽度进行了计算和分析.计算结果表明,将x(3872)视为1 维普论文 选题 | 维普.
The X(3872) is an anomalous particle with a mass of 3871.68 MeV/c 2 which does not fit into the quark model because of its quantum numbers. It was first discovered.
山东大学物理学院2012级博士生李科的论文 Observation of e+e- γ X(3872) at BESIII 荣获一等奖,该论文发表在Phys. Rev. Lett.
The X(3872) at CDF II. Representing the CDF II Collaboration. Last year's X(3872) discovery was confirmed with the CDF II detector in collisions.
提供Calculation of the Mass of X(3872) by the Mandelstam Generalization of the Gell-Mann-Low Method-论文文档免费下载,摘要.
利用3 P0衰变模型对X(3872)的 *0D0衰变宽度进行了计算和分析.计算结果表明 English | 日本語 维普旗下产品:维普论文.
646 X.Liu,Y.-M.Wang:RevisitingB+→X(3872)+K+inpQCDassigningtoX(3872)23P1charmonium hadronicwavefunctions, M(a)= 4m Xf X N c dx 1 dx 3 b 1db 1 b 3db 3 × dθV cbV∗.
X(3872) 是一種不尋常的粒子,其質量為3871.68 MeV/c 2 ,而它的量子数並不符合夸克模型。該粒子於2003年被日本的Belle實驗 團隊.
你可以上传论文,研究报告,行业标准,设计方案, A Simple Explanation for the X(3872) Mass Shift Observed for Decay to D^{*0}.
论文题目: 刊物名称: 发表年度: An improved limit for ΓeeΓee of X(3872)X(3872) and ΓeeΓee measurement of ψ(3686) PHYSICS LETTERS.
本論文試圖於Υ(1S)→μ+μ-π+π−衰變途徑中,尋找奇特魅夸克共振態X(3872)的底夸克對應共振態(Xb)。經由分析在質心能量8 TeV條件下,累計亮度20.65/fb的質子-- .
Dec 4, 2014 Abstract. The X (3872) formation and decay processes in B -decay are investigated by a cˉc –two-meson hybrid model. The two-meson state .

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arXiv:1207.3954v3 [hep-ph] 18 Oct 2012 Isospin breaking, coupled-channel effects, and X(3872) Ning Li∗ Department of Physics and State Key Laboratory of Nuclear.
X(3872) est une particule anormale avec une masse de 3 871,3 MeV/c 2 [1]. Elle n'est pas présente dans le modèle des quarks (en) à cause de son nombre quantique.
2016年9月6日 李科是山东大学和高能所联合培养的2012级博士研究生,他作为主要作者完成BESⅢ合作组论文“Observation of e+ e- ® γ X(3872) at BESIII”,并 .
自从x(3872) 被发现以来,它 选择字体:大 中 小 柯红卫 李学潜 中国科技论文在线 发布时间:2011-12-19. x(3872) 的辐射.
Properties of the X(3872) SooKyung Choi, Gyeongsang Nat Univ (For the Belle Collaboration) Lake Louise Winter Institute, Feb19.
Abstract. In order to understand the structure of X(3872), the $c\bar {c}$ charmonium core state that couples to the $D^0 \bar {D}^{\ast 0}$ and $D^+ D^{\ast.
Search for X(3872) in γγ Fusion and ISR at CLEO Peter Zweber (CLEO Collaboration) Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois 60208.
X(3872) 是一種不尋常的粒子,其質量為3871.68 MeV/c2,而它的量子.
In this Letter, we propose interpolating currents for the X(3872) resonance, and show that, in the heavy quark limit of QCD, the X(3872) state should have degen.
LHCb pins down X(3872) quantum numbers. One of the most interesting discoveries of the past decade is that of an unconventional hadron, the X(3872).
Abstract The properties of X(3872) are analyzed starting from a correlation function written in terms of the quark and gluon degrees of freedom.
The structure of X(3872) that we have obtained is not just a D^0 bar {D}^{ast 0} hadronic molecule but a charmonium-hadronic molecule hybrid state.
X(3872) pole once it is available from lattice simulations, we will eventually be able to extract valuable information on the physics of the interaction that leads.
Observation and properties of the X(3872) decaying to J/psipi(+)pi(-) in pp collisions at sqrt[s] 张旭:见过的作者居多的一篇论文.
论文手册周记(8周),第一周 拟定最终提纲,撰写出细纲在写开题报告时,基本上拟定了论文的初纲,开题报告写完了,论文.
提供Calculation of the Mass of X(3872) by the Mandelstam Generalization of the Gell-Mann-Low Method-论文文档免费下载,摘要:Commun.Theor.Phys.61(2014)359.
Recently, a lot of new hadrons have been observed experimentally, especially in the sector of heavy-flavor mesons, such as Ds(2317)、Ds(2457)、X(3872)、X(3915)、Y.
Abstract: The identification of the X(3872) as a loosely-bound charm-meson molecule allows it to be described by an effective field theory, called.
自从x(3872) 被发现以来,它 选择字体:大 中 小 柯红卫 李学潜 中国科技论文在线 发布时间:2011-12-19. x(3872) 的辐射.
Pages 3867-3872 Communication Ultrasmall NaGdF 4 Nanodots for Efficient MR Ultrasmall NaGdF 4 Nanodots for Efficient MR Angiography and Atherosclerotic Plaque.

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The X(3872) events are Determination of the X(3872) Meson Quantum Numbers. Author. Bin Gui, Gui, Bin, "Determination of the X(3872) Meson Quantum Numbers" (2014).
of the X(3872) with minimal assumptions. JPC possibilities.
电力行业论文. the pion and sigma meson exchange potential.Our preliminary analysis disfavors the molecular interpretation of X(3872).
2016年9月2日 会议期间举办了第九届“晨光杯”优秀论文奖评选和获奖者颁奖仪式。山东大学物理学院2012级博士生李科的论文“Observation of e+e- γ X(3872).
X(3872) é uma partícula anômala com uma massa de 3871.68 MeV/c2 [1] que não se encaixa no modelo de quarks por causa de seu número quântico.
日本KEK实验室的Bell合作组发现了一种新的亚原子粒子 ,命名为 X(3872 ) (有关论文将发表在Phys.Rev.Lett.上.
Abstract: Decays of X(3872) and its partners as hidden-charm axial-vector tetra-quarkmesons are studied. As the result, it is seen that the iso-triplet partners.
observation and properties of x(3872) at dØ a dissertation approved for the homer l. dodge department of physics and astronomy by braden abbott, chair.
(3872)K) × B(X(3872) → J/ψπ+π−) reported in AUBERT 08Y, taking into ac-count the common systematics.
Abstract. We calculate the time evolution of the X(3872) X(3872) abundance in the hot hadron gas produced in the late stage of heavy ion collisions. We use effective.
你可以上传论文,研究报告,行业标准,设计方案, The bestfit corresponds to the X(3872) being a bound state just below the D∗0¯D0threshold.
The X(3872) exotic charmonium: a charming puzzle. Tweet. Figure 1: An illustration of proposed interpretations for how quarks fit together The “prompt” X(3872.
DSpace @ MIT Evidence for X(3872)-- psi (2S) gamma in B±-- X(3872)K± Decays and a Study of B-- cc-bar gamma K Research and Teaching Output of the MIT Community.
The latest Tweets from スケーヨ(Xリーグ進化の年!) (@sk_3872). Japanese. love football アメフト/阪神 /NFL/関学/Xleague/かつての.
Belle Babar合作组已经测量了 X(3872) J/ψ,数据表明X(3872) 论文 -- 管理论文 文档标签: X 3872 的 辐射.
Search for X(3872) in γγ fusion and ISR at CLEO View the table of contents for this issue, or go to the journal homepage.
论文标题: X(3872) and the bound state problem of D0 anti-D0* (anti-D0 D0*) in a chiral quark model: 联系作者: 刊物名称: Phys.Rev.C : 所属学科:.
【精品】毕业论文优秀毕业论文本科论文专业学术论文参考文献资料理论物理专业优秀 (2457)、x(3872)、x(3915)、y(3940)、z(3939.
毕业论文 网收集整理的 [3872字,免费论文] 主业,发挥产能,有效经营 的工作方针和完成年度销售收入x亿元,利润总额.
9/11/2016 16:29 Page 2 1Calculated from the measured m X(3872)−mD∗ 0−mD = 1.1 +0.6 −0.4 +0.1 3 MeV. NODE=M176MD0;LINKAGE=AS 2Experiments report D∗0D0.
Hadronic effects on the X (3872) meson abundance in heavy ion collisions Sungtae Cho and Su Houng Lee Phys. Rev. C 88, 054901 – Published 8 November.

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New results on the X(3872)from CDF ICHEP 2006, Moscow Michal Kreps, University of Karlsruhe for the CDF Collaboration HPRN-CT-2002-00292 New results on the X(3872.
2016年9月21日 会议期间举办了第九届“晨光杯”优秀论文奖评选和获奖者颁奖仪式。山东大学物理学院2012级博士生李科的论文“Observation of e+e- ->γ X(3872) .
The X(3872) at the Tevatron Ulrich Kerzel, University of Karlsruhe for the CDF and D0 collaborations BEAUTY.
Assuming that the narrow state X(3872) is 院机构知识库网格(CAS IR GRID) 理论物理研究所 理论物理所1978-2010年知识产出 期刊论文.
X(3872) and Bound State Problem of D~0 *~0( ~0 D*~0) 《原子核物理评论》2009年 第S1月 | English | 日本語 维普旗下产品:维普论文.
Abstract. The recent findings of hadronic molecules, such as X(3872) and Zb, are a topic of great current interest in the hadron physics. Hadronic molecules are .
学士03-04, 00312004, 空间物理学, 张鸥, X(3872)粒衰变的运动学分析, 郑汉青. 学士03-05, 00312005, 地球物理学, 佟啸鹏, 鄂尔多斯东缘--山西地堑的瑞利面波层析 .
X(3872) 分類: 中間子分子: 組成: c, u, u, c (D 0, D *0 ?) グループ: ハドロン: 相互作用: 強い相互作用 弱い相互作用 重力相互作用.
Belle Babar合作组已经测量了 X(3872) J/ψ,数据表明X(3872) 论文 -- 管理论文 文档标签: X 3872 的 辐射.
论文标题: Is X(3872) really a molecular state? 第一作者: 刘言锐 : 刊物名称: EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C : 所属学科: 论文题目:.
Search for X(3872) in gammagamma fusion and radiative production at CLEO. Dobbs S, Metreveli Z, Seth KK, Tomaradze A, Zweber P, Ernst J, Mahmood.
From these results we conclude that X(3872) is not a genuine meson-meson molecule, nor actually any other mesonic system with non-exotic quantum numbers.
Citation: C. Patrignani et al. (Particle Data Group), Chin. Phys. C, 40, 100001 (2016) X(3872) IG(JPC) = 0+(1++) First observed by CHOI 03 in B → Kπ+π−J/ψ(1S.
0 Mixing X(3872) DD Y(3940) ISR XYZ Hidden and open charm at Belleˆ[and elsewhere] Bruce Yabsley Belle collaboration / University of Sydney High Energy Physics group.
May 29, 2013 The quantum numbers of the $X(3872)$ meson are determined to be ${J}^{PC}={1}^{++}$ based on angular correlations.
高能物理分会每两年举办一次青年优秀论文 评选 此后,besiii实验又在上述论文中报道观测到两个奇特强子态x(3872).
学位论文 库; 会议论文库 the pion and sigma meson exchange potential. Our preliminary analysis disfavors the molecular interpretation of X(3872).
世界各大实验组也相继发现许多新的强子态,如:dsj、x(3872)、x(1835)、x(1576)、y(4260)、y(2175) 关注上学吧论文查重官方微信.
論文リスト publication list · アクセス access. 論文リストPublication (Belle Collaboration): Observation of $X(3872)$ in $B \to X(3872)K\pi$ decays, Phys.
R ψγ ≡ B(X (3872) →ψ (2S) γ) B(X (3872) →J / ψγ) =3. 4 ±1. 4, were reported by the BaBarCollaboration [21]. In contrast, no significant signal was found.
A New Tetra-Quark Interpretation of X(3872) Kunihiko Terasaki Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Kyoto 606-8502, Japan.

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